This Poor Elephant Was Quickly Losing Weight. When They Found The Reason Behind It? OMG!

I am sure you have gone through many kinds of bodily pain in your life. Toothaches are one of the worst, aren’t they? And as it turns out, humans are not the only creatures in the world that can feel that kind of discomfort, but at least when we are affected, we can get ourselves to the dentist for help. Animals don’t have the option to get themselves to the dentist. They needs some help from their human friends. For example, take a look at this beautiful elephant featured in the video below.

Tucha is a 33 year old Asian elephant that lives at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in England. Zookeepers noticed that she was not eating her food and was losing weight pretty fast. Elephants eat pretty much all day, so this was very unusual.

They tried to figure out the problem behind it. When they looked inside her mouth, they saw that Lucha had a major tooth infection. As you can imagine, removing the tooth of an elephant is no small task and certainly requires specialized knowledge. Fortunately for Tucha, she was in just the right place to get it.

Head veterinarian, Nic Masters, knew of a dental specialist called Peter Kertesz. Tucha had to be sedated for the procedure, but there were no complications. The skilled dentist was able to successfully remove Lucha’s tooth without any issue.

You are going to be in awe when you see how huge her tooth is! Lucha is back to her happy, old self now, and eating plenty and gaining weight again.

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