This Poor Horse Was Abused & Neglected By His Owner. Who Came To His Rescue? Amazing!

What are your plans for retirement? Many couples dream of traveling and vacation, and Larry and Peggy Neaves were one of those couples. But then their life took a different turn. This incredible couple decided to dedicate their time caring for abused and neglected horses instead. They went on to build a sanctuary called Habitat for Horses.

Larry is a former FBI agent and Peggy is a past inspector with U.S. Customs. The horses they have taken in all had devastating pasts. According to Peggy, this seemed like a much more worthwhile thing to spend their money on rather than travelling. They find the great rewards of taking care of these horses to be of much more value than traveling.

When the horses first came to them, they thought the poor animals wouldn’t be able to survive for even a year because of the abuse they faced. But they didn’t give up on them and the horses started thriving in their care. They have a beautiful facility and the knowledge necessary to care for such special cases.

They use a special mix of food for these horses, which may be one reason they are thriving. When you look at them, you would never believe that these beautiful animals were ever abused. In this clip, the couple is interviewed and they tell their story as well as the horses’ stories.

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