These Poor Horses Would Be Dead Now If This Woman Hadn’t Done This! WOW!

Horse racing can be glamorous, it can be entertaining, but there’s a side to horse racing that I’m sure you’re not too familiar with. Every year, hundreds of foals are born so that the mothers of the foals produce milk. But the milk doesn’t go to their babies, no, instead it goes to nurture thoroughbred babies intended for racing. Why can’t the mother of the thoroughbred babies feed them, you might ask. The answer is simple, the mother needs to go and have more babies because thoroughbred mothers must have a baby every year, so there’s no time for breastfeeding!

So what happens to all the foals that aren’t thoroughbreds? Sadly, most of them are killed. But there are some exceptions. Check out the video to learn about the amazing work that Last Chance Corral is doing!

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