These Poor Horses Are Being Sold To Slaughter! Will Anyone Come To Their Rescue?

There are still some awful things that are allowed to lawfully happen. The sale of horses to be slaughtered and turned into meat is one of them. I can’t understand how people would look at these horses and see them as nothing but a source of meat. Then again, this is a country where, barely over 150 years ago, people bought and sold other people as property, so I shouldn’t be too surprised that this goes on.

The Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue organization has another idea in mind. They go to these auctions and try to bid just enough so that they get the horses instead of the slaughterhouse. They then take those horses to a sanctuary. They do need to quarantine some of the horses to keep them from spreading any possible illnesses when they first get there. Still, there’s gratitude from their new charges. It’s a good bet that these horses know the fate they escaped when these people get them.

In a perfect world, they would have unlimited amounts of cash to be able to rescue as many horses as they can. Unfortunately, they have to fight and search for every dime they have. That’s a shame since that means many horses slip through the cracks due to their having to be budget-conscious. This is still an imperfect world. Every little bit of money helps.

Ultimately, even if they were only able to save one horse from many during an auction, they still saved that one horse. It’s better than their not saving any horses at all. With something like this, they need to take a very long view. Hopefully, there might be some legislation in the near future.

I couldn’t believe what was going on in this video. Glad those people are around to help. What did you think? Leave a comment below!

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