This Poor Kitten Is Scared Of A Strange Object In The Room. But Wait Till You See Him Confront It!

They keep irritating rats at bay so that they don’t run across our sitting room when we are having guests over for a long movie night. They are one of the cutest most beloved pets. And yet, they are interesting but also weird in equal measure. In fact, they might as well be the contender for the strangest animals on earth. The cat in this video beats them all to it. As he is walking casually across the sitting room, he bumps into a strange object. At least according to him, it is. What he does next will crack you up. He goes bonkers and his reaction shows that he’s clearly blowing things out of proportion.

First, he looks from a far just to be sure it isn’t harmful. He moves closer to take a closer more detailed look. Still, he isn’t sure what this strange object is. At this point, the object isn’t within frame so we can’t be sure what the kitten’s afraid of. Once it’s in view, I couldn’t help but burst out into laughter.

The kitten then unleashes its CSI side, wears its detective hat and keenly observes the object while circling around it. He decides to go all out and investigate it a little more- he touches it and instinctively retreats swiftly as one who’s caught a flaming hot object. He can’t keep himself from coming over to look at it one more time. He does this over and over again and his reaction will leave you in stitches. He hops around while approaching it and retreats every time. The sound track makes it even more hilarious. It makes it look like a scene straight from a horror movie with the scariest scene yet.

Watch this cute and funny kitten’s reaction in the video below. What do you make of his reactions to that “scary” object? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.