This Poor Kitty Was Trying To Sleep. Now Watch What He Does When His Owner Disturbs Him!

Whenever someone tries to wake me up from a deep sleep, they are in for the worst. I am sure a lot of you feel that way. It is really annoying to get woken up, isn’t it? While some of us get really cranky and violent in such situations, there are others who are a lot tamer, like the little cat in the video below. Wait till you see how this cat responds when his owner tries to wake him up!

Burnsy the cat is drained with sleep, but his owner doesn’t seem to understand. She insists on talking to him and waking him up, but he refuses to budge. When she starts talking to him, asking him to wake up, this little Feline has the cutest reaction ever!

Every time his mom asks him a question about waking up, he answers her! His timing is just perfect. Even his tone is perfect to answer her questions. She says he can sleep two more minutes if he continues to be cute. I think he can handle that and his response means he thinks he can too.

According to his owner, Burnsy loves watching this particular video. He rubs up against the monitor and nudges it whenever she plays it for him. I think she should film that for her next YouTube post!

Watch his cute reaction in the video below. Isn’t this sleepy little kitty adorable? Let us know what you thought of this cute video in the comments!