This Poor Labrador’s Really Scared Of Carpets. Wait Till You See How He Fights His Fear…Aww!

Every one of us has a fear of some sort. You might be terrified of heights, while your friend could be scared stiff when he sees a spider. For the cute yellow Labrador in this video, it’s carpets. Poor Arty has a perpetual fear of carpets. Now it might not seem like a relatively big thing, but this little guy cannot step on it as easily as other dogs can.

But this brave dog has come up with a brilliant solution to overcome his fear. His method is really hysterical, but it does produce successful results. Arty finally takes a leap of faith to join his owners who are encouraging him in the living room. Even you will be proud of this genius pooch’s accomplishments at the end.

Watch this cute problem-solver. Did you expect him to do that? Share what you feel in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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