This Poor Lioness Gets Lost From Her Tribe; Watch What Happens When She Starts Crying…

Separating a lioness from her pride is pretty much a cardinal sin, but sometimes things like this happen. When wild animals are involved, it’s pretty much inevitable. Recently a lioness in the Kruger National Park in South Africa found herself alone, isolated and far from the rest of her family.

At first the regal lioness lays in the grass all by herself, softly roaring in the hope that maybe her pack will be able to find her. A few seconds later, she hears a familiar call in the distance – but still she hesitates, waiting to make sure. What happens next is just pure joy!

Right around the :55 mark, the camera pans over and the audience sees that there is indeed a whole pack of lions headed right towards them. The poor lioness still doesn’t know for sure though and a mistake in this situation could easily cost the lioness her life.

This time she’s lucky though, it turns out that it is actually her family come back to find her. Considering the lioness is usually at the front of the pack, leading the hunt, it’s surprising to see one get lost from her family like this. But in the end, everyone ended up together again and that’s all that really matters.

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