Poor Minnesota Dog Walks Four Miles Every Day. The Reason Why Absolutely Floored Me.

Bruno walks four miles a day. It’s not an easy walk. There are cars that drive by, but he’s smart enough to hug the side of the street. His destination? A small town called Longville, Minnesota. There, the residents have adopted him as an ambassador of sorts. He can get all the water and snacks that he wants. People make a regular habit of petting him.

Don’t be mistaken, though. Bruno has a home. It’s just four miles away. He initially walked up to the doorstep of Larry and Debbie LaVallee as a mere pup. They tried to curb his habit of wandering, but the lure proved too strong. It was so powerful that he’d try to rip his leash off. So… they let him indulge is passion. This has been going on for 12 years.

The town is so enamored with Bruno that they even had a statue made of him for tourists to see. He’s just a comforting sight for the town denizens to see day in and day out. A Bruno sighting might mean that it’s going to be a good day for someone. The video even said that he’s more popular than a “recent Lotto winner.” Bruno is also so friendly, he just likes being around people.

There’s a bittersweet feel to this, though. Bruno’s getting older. He’s 12. He’s a larger dog, around the size of a golden retriever. His gait has gone from the easy lope of a young dog to a painful shuffle. His friendly demeanor has not changed. Some might say that’s a Midwestern trait. He still loves being pet. But both the LaVallees and the townspeople know that this will not go on forever. He will go on his final walk one day. That’s a shame. But that’s life. Then the people of Longville will be able to point to the statue tell their children, “I met Bruno.”

I adored this video. Stories like this are amazing. What did you think? Leave a comment below!