Poor Mom Cried All Night For Her Baby. When They Get Reunited At Last? You’ll Be In Tears! Aww!

The relationship between a mother and her child is the purest and the strongest form of bond ever. This video shows how true that statement actually is. Cows are said to have maternal instincts similar to that of a human being. If a mama cow somehow gets separated from her baby, she is known to cry for days. Need proof? Go ahead and watch this video!

When the Gentle Barn animal sanctuary rescued a mother cow named Karma, they didn’t know that they had missed out on her baby. The previous owners had hidden the calf so that they could sell him for their Christmas dinner. Karma cried at the sanctuary all night and the rescuers finally realized that she was missing her child. The rescuers decided to bring the calf back and fortunately were successful as well. This video features the tear-jerking reunion between Karma and her baby, Mr. Rojas.

After eight months at the sanctuary, Karma had a second calf. This family is happily living together at the Gentle Barn now.

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