Poor Orangutan Is Asking This Little Girl For Help. When You See Why, You Will Be Heartbroken!

When something catches our eye at the store, we just buy it without putting much thought into it. Many of us don’t even have the habit of looking through the ingredients in our food. But did you know that some ingredients as common and as simple as palm oil are causing chaos around us, and we aren’t even aware of the problems it causes?

This PSA here delivers a powerful message. Palm oil is found in almost half of the products that we can get in a grocery store and the production of palm oil is one of the major causes of rainforest destruction worldwide. This is causing the remaining last wild orangutans to become extinct. That’s the main message you will see in this clip.

The orangutan in this clip is named Strawberry. She has a name because she is cared for by humans now. Her parents died as a result of destruction of the rain forest in order to grow palm oil. She learned sign language and is telling her story to a deaf girl named Lena.

Destruction of rain forests also pushes more carbon pollution into the earth’s atmosphere each year than all the cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships in the United States combined, which leads to global warming effects. Destruction of the rainforest is happening for many reasons. Feeding America junk food shouldn’t be one of them.

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