Poor Parrot Was Minding His Own Business, Then A Dog Did This

All of us have a favourite snack and we usually don’t like to share it with anyone. For the adorable pets in this video, their favourite snack is strawberry yogurt and it seems they also don’t like to share, not even with each other. This parrot was having a find time enjoying his snack when the dog came along and took the container away and started eating the yogurt himself. This poor parrot has to defend his dessert against a bully of a dog, who is also his friend. And thus, the battle begins. They both try their hardest to claim the snack as their own and what follows is pure chaos and laughter!

The pup doesn’t really look like a big fan of yogurt at first, but when he tries what his bird friend is trying, he just can’t help himself but want some more. The parrot is bewildered at why his snack is being stolen right under his nose, so he fights back, and then it’s the dog’s turn to be bewildered.  When the small parrot takes the container away from the dog, relatively easily, the dog looks around and looks into the camera as if to say, “What just happened?” You’re going to love this hilarious tug of war between these unlikely friends.

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