This Poor Pregnant Dog Was About To Be Put Down When A Vet Stepped In And Did This

Vet Ranch has been saving the lives of many injured and helpless animals that are homeless or slated to be euthanized at other various shelters. This video was documented by veterinarian Matt Schuessler and it shares with us the story of a pregnant dog named Gracie who was rescued and brought to Vet Ranch to deliver her puppies safely. The safety and comfort of the mother are critical to the delivery of healthy puppies.

When Gracie was found, she was in bad shape with an infected eye, and slated to be euthanized because it is very difficult to find foster homes for pregnant dogs.  This meant all twelve of her puppies would be euthanized as well. At only two years old, Gracie was a young mother who, if her health was good, would be a good mother.

Before the delivery, Dr. Schuessler ran frequent check-ups and conducted x-rays to ensure that the mama was on the right track. Vet Ranch does an excellent job of taking care of their rescues, whether they are pregnant or not, but especially when they are and the due date is close. She delivered twelve healthy little pups and Dr. Schuessler reports that Gracie and one of her babies are going to be adopted by a Vet Ranch client, while the other little guys will be placed in good homes for foster care until they are also ready to be adopted.

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