This Poor Pug Had Been So Sick That Illness Made Him Blind. Watch His Incredible Story!

When the Michigan Humane Society rescued Mickey the pug he was in terrible shape. Doctors found that he had been suffering from demodectic mange and glaucoma. The conditions calls Mickey incredible pain and blinded him.

Unfortunately the only way to minimize Mickey’s pain was to remove his eyes. The vets went in and conducted the operation. Even though it was a huge blow to Mickey to lose his sight, the fact that he was no longer in pain did increase his quality of life.

Mickey was eventually adopted by Sabrina Johnson, the district judge for Inkster, MI. He has even been in the courtroom with his new mom. When asked about Mickey’s well-being Sabrina said, “Sometimes when we’re walking in the park, he’ll get going and run into a tree. He simply backs up, shakes it off and keeps moving. He really has taught me about how to live life.”

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