Poor Pup Lives On Railroad Tracks All Alone. Watch What Happens When Rescuers Spot Him!

Hope For Paws, a non-profit organization working to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need, has accomplished many life changing animal rescues. But this particular rescue is quite different from anything else they have ever come across. An abandoned white pooch that was living on the railroad tracks refused to be rescued by anyone. The railroad track was obviously dangerous for the dog, so the team from Hope For Paws did all they could to rescue this pooch from the danger he was in.

This white pup, later named Finn, had harsh life on streets so he was very frightened of humans. He didn’t let his rescuers to touch him at first. But these rescuers gave Finn all the time he needed to trust them. Fortunately, within some time Finn was able to trust his rescuers and they could take him to safety.

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