This Poor Pup Was About To Be Put Down, But When This Vet Walked In, Everything Changed

In this clip, you will see a story of a tiny puppy that made a big mistake and nearly lost her life as a result. This tiny pit bull in the video is just three weeks old but she has suffered a potentially deadly injury in her jaw. She went too close to her mother’s food bowl and her mom bit her face reflexively and crushed her jaw. Her owners couldn’t afford to treat her so they almost gave up on her until Dr Karri arrived to save the day.

Dr Karri and her husband Dr Judd run a non-profit organization called Vet Ranch, and their rescues and other good deeds have received a lot of publicity on the Internet. Through this organization, Dr Karri was able to help this poor pup and prevent her from being euthanized. Because of the severity of the injury, the surgery was really complex, but nonetheless Dr Karri didn’t give up and she was able to repair her jaw to a point where she will be able to eat independently. She did all she could to treat this little pup. It took several weeks of procedures to treat this little one but at the end she got a lot better.

My heart crushed when I first heard this little puppy whimpering in pain. But when I saw her all recovered and playing at the end, I felt so relieved.

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