This Poor Puppy Is Afraid Of The Stairs, But How He Gets Over It? His Family Is In Stitches!

Everyone has fears. Doing something for the first time can be a terrifying experience. For example, your first day at school, riding a bike for the first time, or even something as simple as going for your first swim can be nerve-wracking experiences. But some of us try our best to overcome these fears by facing them head-on. The adorable puppy in the video below is one of these brave souls.

This adorable English bulldog is called Chunk, and he is very appropriately named. Chunk is scared of stairs. It might seem hilarious to us, but the poor guy gets paralyzed every time he is on the stairs. His owners decided to let him conquer them by himself. This leads to a very amusing and adorable video, because lucky for us, his owners recorded him conquering his fears.

Chunk is about halfway down the stairs when the video begins, but he is stuck. He seems afraid to go any further and is looking around anxiously. But he hears his squeaky toy and desperately wants it, but how is he going to get down the rest of these stairs?

He puts his foot out tentatively, and then decides actually taking a step down is not safe. So instead, he looks around for a bit and then takes a giant leap of faith! His family can’t help but cheer for him from the background!

Check out the video below! What a brave boy, isn’t he? Let us know if Chunk made you smile in the comments section!

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