This Poor Puppy Is Scared Of Stairs. How He Overcomes It? You’re Going To Be In HYSTERICS!

You get to learn many different things when you are a kid. From walking to talking to riding bikes – everything is practically new to you. Sometimes these new things are easy to understand, other times – not so much. And the case with baby animals is the same. Take for example the tiny puppy in this video. This poor guy is really confused when it comes to stairs. Wait till you see what he does!

His owner brings him out of the house and puts him in front of the stairs. The way this puppy reacts next is priceless to say the least. He seems really hesitant about the steps at first, but his solution to overcome it is hysterical! Seems like he doesn’t like taking the easy way does he? His daring solution is going to crack you up for sure!

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