This Poor Puppy Is Terrified Of Using The Stairs. How He Goes Down? LOL You’ll Be In Stitches!

When you are growing up, you do many things for the first time; like stepping into school, or riding a bike, or even taking your first baby steps. It could be a petrifying experience for sure. Just look at this little Labrador here. This puppy is terrified of the stairs and just doesn’t know how to go down it. We know that puppies have an awful relationship with stairs, but this one overcomes it in style!

He wants to go down to his human sibling, but the little guy is far from graceful when it comes to stairs. So what he does? You will be cracking up when you see what he comes up with! His creative plan left me in stitches! It is clever for sure, but it is equally hilarious too! You really won’t be expecting this!

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