This Poor Rottweiler Was Stranded By An Abusive Owner, But Watch When A Strange Man Finds Her!

The story featured below is heart-breaking and beautiful all at the same time. When this man saw a stray dog in his neighborhood each and every day, he did something truly amazing for her. The stray was emaciated and terrified and the poor thing had a broken chain around her neck. He noticed that the dog had also been abused and beaten.

The man did not dare to call animal control because he thought she would be returned to an abusive owner again. So he decided to rescue her himself. He fed her every day, but the stray was so scared that she would never let him get close enough.

Nearly two months later, she began trusting him. He finally had a chance take her to a vet to get rid of worms and take care of her eyes that seemed to be infected. He thought the stray was a male Doberman at first, but he later realized she was actually a female Rottweiler.

He clarifies that he is going to take her to a vet to run a few more tests. He is also planning to press charges against her previous owner and he is going to continue keeping her in his care. This kind man encourages people to take care of their pets, which is exactly what he’s going to do with this stray rottweiler in the video that he adopts.

Watch footage of him feeding her below and don’t forget to share your thoughts through your comments!