Poor Stray Dog Carries His Bowl Around With Him. Why He Does This is Heart-Breaking.

Few cities have had their economy crater worse than Detroit. A once-thriving urban mecca, where car factories ruled, is now in ruins. Historic theaters left in shambles. Houses are abandoned and neglected. Then there’s this stray dog, who shows seemingly unbound optimism even in these tough times. He walks around with his bowl in his mouth, hoping that someone will feed him. Even in the face of rejection, there’s always the next door.

Another reason why it’s so sad is that the people of Detroit wouldn’t be able to help this dog. They can barely help themselves, so how can they afford to get dog food? That said, the spirit of determination and survival is very strong in this dog. He could just give up. There could be a day when he would just determine that no one is going to help him and put the bowl down and that would be it. But he doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit. We could all learn from that.

There are times when we’re all looking for help on something too. It could be financial. It could be career-wise. It could be even something health-wise. At one point or another, the temptation to just stop doing it becomes strong. We may feel like we’re running on a treadmill or banging our heads on a wall to no avail. But, like this dog, we shouldn’t give up. Let’s keep carrying our own bowls around, shall we?

There is a light at the end of this tunnel. This video was shot in 2013 by the World Animal Awareness Society. In ’16, someone asked them a question on their YouTube page about whether the dog had been rescued. Thankfully, they answered “Yes.” This dog found his door. His perseverance paid off and now he doesn’t have to worry about carrying his bowl. It’s brought to him now daily, filled with food.

This video made me so sad, though I was glad to find out the good news. How did it make you feel? Leave a comment!

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