This poor stray dog was losing all hope…until these kind people lent him a hand!

Even though dogs are some of the greatest pets anyone can have, sadly, not all of them get a chance to live in a home of their own. It’s very hard to estimate exactly how many homeless dogs live in the United States, since every day there are more and more who are born in the streets, plus the ones that are neglected by their original owners. Thankfully, though, there are also many institutions that help these dogs get a better life, because more than the best food or the most comfortable bed, what pets need the most is love and affection.

The video we featured below shows the case of an organization called the Kris Kelly Foundation, a non-profit based in California, who are dedicated to helping stray animals get a makeover and a new home, and also save those who were already captured and waiting for their time to run out. We meet a small pup who was abandoned in a shifty neighborhood, and to his luck, he was eventually rescued from there. They aptly named him “Lynwood”, and you’ll be shocked when you see him after his makeover!

Watch this amazing transformation in the clip below. Isn’t it great that there are foundations like that one? Tell us what you thought in a comment!