This Poor Stray Dog Was Ran Over, And On The Verge Of Death! OMG

The following video will show us the tragic story of a stray dog named Evan, who was not even two years old when the was involved in a horrible car accident. He was walking down the street when all of a sudden, an irresponsible driver. And to make it all worse, the driver did not even take the time to stop and check for the dog’s safety, or even call any help. If it wasn’t because this kind man found him, who knows if Evan would’ve made it.

The man who stopped to help him was kind enough to check if he was badly wounded, and quickly called for the help of Vet Ranch, a non-profit organization that gives medical health to stray dogs who have nobody who can respond for them. They do lots of amazing work saving the lives of dogs who have no other hope, and they’ve become one of the most successful animal rescue organizations in America.

Evan had an injured leg after the accident, and the doctors made all the examinations and tests necessary to make sure they gave him the proper treatment. Thankfully, he did not have any fractures, and they were able to help him recover painlessly and get a complete transformation.

Watch this touching story for yourself in the video down below.

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