Poor Tiger Spent YEARS In A Tiny Cage, But Watch When He Feels Grass Underneath His Paws!

Many circus animals suffer from inhumane treatment. They are captured and traded illegally, and are also forced to perform tricks for people’s entertainment while being caged in horrible conditions. A lot of people are unaware of the horrible conditions and unnatural things these animals are trained to do. Unfortunately, most of these animals lose their lives without ever getting a taste of freedom. However, some of them are lucky enough to get a second chance at life.

The tiger featured in this clip is named Hoover and he is one of the lucky ones. He spent most years of his life locked away in a circus in Peru. He lived in a small cage and was hit with whips and sticks brutally, and not always to get him to perform. It’s a wonder he never attacked his attackers.

Thankfully, Animal Defenders International got an anonymous tip and they ended up raiding the circus and rescuing Hoover. Hoover used to be one of the twelve tigers in his group, but he is now the last one alive. After his rescue, he was taken to Big Cat Rescue in Florida, where he can wander freely as he pleases.

When Hoover first arrived in Florida and got his first taste of freedom after being shown kindness from his rescuers, he didn’t know what to think or what to do. They realized he had never felt grass before. He’d always been held in a cage with a concrete floor. That is absolutely heartbreaking. But that’s all over for Hoover and he is happy and free now.

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