This Poor Whale Was Entangled in A Fishing Net. Now Watch How She Thanks Those Humans Who Save Her

Whale RescueThis story is just too amazing to keep to yourself. Share it! We love animals and are curious about how they live and all of their different behaviors. We even have people who dedicate their entire lives to observing animals and all of their different behaviors. We know as much as we do about animals because of them, to which we can’t ever thank them enough.

One species of animal that has always captured our attention are whales. We just love to hear and learn as much as we can about whales, we just can’t get enough. Whether it’s their sheer size, the fact that they’re gigantic or that they live in the ocean, regardless we love them.

Whale RescueUnfortunately, many whales are getting caught up in fishing nets that are left in the ocean. When this happens it can seriously injure the whale or even kill it. That is what happened to this humpback whale in this video.

James Moskito and his crew went out into the ocean and spent hours in the very cold waters attempting to cut the poor whale lose. Surprisingly the whale seemed to understand what James and his crew were doing and remained still while they worked at cutting away the net. Once the huge whale was free, she went up and thanked each individual rescuer. You just have to see it believe it.

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