This Poor Whale Was Entangled In A Net. Now Watch Closely What These Humans Did For Him!

The oceans are vast and bottomless. So people often tend to assume that the garbage they dump on the oceans will be pretty insignificant. But that is not the case. The oceans have suffered a lot at the hands of humans. Pollutants like chemicals, oil, sewage, and plastic among others, are slowly but surely destroying the beautiful waters.

Over the years, discarded fishing nets have also caused various marine problems. They drift for years and end up ensnaring fish and mammals. When James Moskito and a crew of volunteers were out on the oceans, a huge humpback whale rose to the surface. James soon realized that the whale was entangled in a 1-mile long line of crab net near the Farallon Islands.

There was a huge anchor attached to the nets and it was dragging the poor whale down. He was drowning. No one thinks about creatures in the sea being able to drown, but a whale must rise to surface occasionally in order to breathe, and this one couldn’t get to the surface often enough because of the huge anchor.

They were in shark-infested waters and the temperature was freezing as well, but the kind humans spent almost 5 hours to free the creature. At one point, they had to put Moskito had to put his hands in the whale’s mouth to cut the net, and the whale complied without protest. He was desperate.  I think his behavior proves how intelligent these animals are.

According to the description, the whale returned to gently nudge each diver as if to say thank you. Thank you to these brave men for rescuing this  incredible creature.

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