Pot-Bellied Pig Steps Right Into The Water. Now Watch What He Does At :19…TOO Funny!

If there’s anything that we can be sure about, is that there’s a lot of animals who adore playing in the water. Labrador and Golden Retriever dogs are famous for their obsession with being in the water as much as they can, and sometimes you find the odd cat who uncharacteristically loves water. But did you know that there are other pets who take it even further?

There’s a lot of animals whom I can imagine enjoying a dip in the sea, but I would never think a pig would do it! But in the video below, you’ll meet the most radical pig in the world: Ziggy. He’s a very adventurous piggy who has developed a liking for the waves, and he shows it in the best way possible in the following clip.

Ziggy the Traveling Piggy, as he’s better known, grew up his entire life with Kristin and Jay, his human parents, in their home in the Virgin Islands. The whole family decided to take on a road trip across the entire mainland U.S. and Ziggy was the one who enjoyed it the most. He enjoyed all sorts of bodies of water during the journey, and he’s shown that he ain’t a picky swimmer!

Watch Ziggy’s amazing adventure in the video featured right below.

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