Powerful Cover of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ With An Amazing Message

A Cover Of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ by GENTRI‘Little Drummer Boy’ by GENTRI is not only a beautiful track, with heartwarming visuals, and an amazing message, but it’s also part of something much bigger, but more on #LightTheWorld soon. GENTRI has added an upbeat twist to this catchy Christmas tune, and their recreation couldn’t be any better.

Light The World encourages us all to share in the joy of giving no matter what contribution you make. Sharing a smile when there is no pretense, or giving nothing but compassion if it’s all that you can is equally as valuable as anything else that you could bestow. Let this recreation of the timeless classic Christmas song inspire giving.

The Salt Lake City songbirds GENTRI have a special way of infusing their music with something that just seems to feel right, and with this video, they’ve outdone themselves. Their music video for ‘Little Drummer Boy’ shows the importance of gifts costing nothing but time, with the meaning of the song & campaign are carried in its harmony.

Powerful Cover of \'Little Drummer Boy\' With An Amazing Message