Powerhouse Ladies Unleash Unforgettable Performances on ‘The Voice’

‘The Voice’ has had its fair share of powerful female vocalists over the years. The best performances from these mighty women have been compiled for everyone to enjoy. See if you remember these epic female voices.

First up is Holly Forbes. She wears a light pink jacket and pants while rocking huge floral glasses. She sings with a booming voice, giving the song ‘Because of You’ a new energy. The music made famous by Kelly Clarkson even changes keys in the end, and Holly finishes with a flurry of amazing vocal riffs that leave the judges in awe.

Another performance is from Jershika Maple. She begins to sing with a low-pitched voice, featuring a great vibrato. She wears a sparkly long black dress and is accompanied by stringed instruments. The judges love her confidence as she delivers a cover of Adele’s hit ‘Rolling in the Deep.’

Powerful female vocalist Ryleigh Plank’s intense voice matches her rockstar appearance. Wearing a shiny long coat and star earrings, she walks around the stage with swagger. She sings impressive runs that draw applause from the audience.

She performs Ariana Grande’s ‘Something ‘Bout You’ right in front of her. Ariana bobs her head to the beat, impressed by Ryleigh’s rendition. The performance requires guts, and Ryleigh has plenty of confidence to go around.

Perhaps the most powerful voice in the compilation belongs to Kim Cruse, who commands the stage with her rendition of ‘I Can’t Stand the Rain.’ The song builds slowly as the singer has excellent control over her vibrato and vocal runs. She brings a gospel-feel to the song, and the judges constantly make verbal cues that show how much they enjoy her voice.

Other additions include an emotional rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You,’ and Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now.’ The judges and the audience love these powerful women on ‘The Voice.’

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Powerhouse Ladies Unleash Unforgettable Performances on \'The Voice\'