Prayer and laughter don’t normally go together, but these kids’ capers will leave you rolling in the aisle

Twin girls Natalie and Nicole throw their dad for a loop when he tries to convince them to pray by telling them different words they’d surely heard.

Hoping to share a few special moments with his kids after their busy day, Dad has a modest mission to convince his daughters to say the Lord’s Prayer as written in the New Testament in Matthew 6.

They’re quite familiar with these sacred words given their quick response. Their perfect recall is astonishing. It’s their creative additions that set their dad to chuckling.

His determination to get his daughters to recite the Lord’s Prayer all together has an unexpected payoff. More than recalling the words to perfection, they intermingle their own unique “customizations” in an utterly hilarious way.

One girl rolls it off double-quick while her long-suffering twin tosses in whenever she gets a chance to fill in the gaps. Dad loves hearing them in spite of himself. He tolerates it even when their mother comes home and distracts them, urging them gently to complete the prayer.

This special father is eager to teach them and to hone their memories for these sacred verses. Despite his frustration, he’s happy to see that they know the words. His kids are equally thrilled to utter them and eager to make their dad proud. Their dad says, “One of my favorite clips of our twins trying to do the Lord’s prayer. When they do it together, in the beginning, Nicole can’t keep up, and then at the end, you have to watch it two times to watch Nicole blabbering away “and forgive us our trespasses” and then to watch Natalie trying to get a word in but never can. Makes me smile every time!”

Indeed, they teach us all the lesson that prayer can begin during the early years. Although he kindly nudges them along, they mainly make it through all on their own. Click below to watch this inspiring family video for yourself.