Precious Baby And Dog Bonding Session Results in Silly Playtime Moments – Adorable!

Life is truly a wonderful thing and this video really proves how animals and humans get along with each other. Babies are precious things put on this Earth for us to cherish, love and protect and our four legged friends feel the same way.

Any sibling would get jealous when attention is shared or showered on a new addition to the family and many would think this may be a problem with the dog as well. But you can see from this video that the two of them get along famously. An adorable but big Siberian husky is lolling around the carpet, playing with an utterly chewed up old ball when the baby decides to disturb his private time.

You can see it’s the start of a beautiful and long friendship but I have to say the Husky shows a lot of patience with the baby. He’s way bigger and stronger, yet he is very gentle with the little one, even when the infant tries to eat his ears. I’m sure the furriness of his ears tempted the seven month old, but he manages to be patient.

It’s amazing how dogs know that babies don’t have the strength or protection against their strength and how they become extra gentle and careful around the little ones. This family moment, captured by the ever vigilant dad shows that playtime is still a fun time. And when the dig thinks he’s had enough of the baby tying to eat his ears or poke his eyes by mistake, he gets up and goes to the human dad. Smart move, that.

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