Precious Bird Takes Energizing Bath in Man’s Hands

People all around the world have a variety of different animals as pets. While some are more common, like dogs or cats, others enjoy owning birds, reptiles, or rodents. One bird-owner recently filmed a bathtime with his beautiful pet.

Birds are notorious for loving to splash around in refreshing water. Companies have been making birdbaths for years, but this guy literally makes one with his own two hands. By cupping his palms together and letting them fill with water, that’s all the bird needs to have a good time.

Getting the temperature just right is important, and he makes sure it’s not too hot or cold for his flighty friend. The feathered creature waits patiently on the side of the sink before hopping on its human friend forearm.

It doesn’t take long for the bird to jump right into the puddle. It takes a few sips of water and quickly begins splashing around. Seeing a bird enjoy a mini bath will have you beaming from ear to ear.