A Precious Bulldog Is At Odds With His Dad Whenever He Hears Word “No.” Aww How Endearing!

It can be important to stay steadfast in your position if it benefits you. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter if it benefits you. Sometimes, you just must stick to your guns to let someone know that you mean business and this won’t go the way they think it will. Sometimes it can be overwhelmingly difficult to accept the answer of “no.” The frustration of not being allowed to have your way, have something done the way you’d like it done, has led many to quite the temper tantrum. It appears whenever a young animal is involved, whether baby, puppy, or kitten, that is the jumping off point for a freak out. While it may be amazingly hilarious if you are on the outside of it, it can really be a bit trying at times. You just want what’s best for all parties involved, but they are too young to think there is another idea behind it. Maybe there’s another solution or avenue they haven’t thought of- no. No child whose 2 or 3 stops to think about others. If they do, they are further along than most. As Louis C.K. joked, “I’ve never heard a child say, “No, finish what you are doing, it’s fine, I can be patient and wait.”

The overwhelming cuteness that we see in this young bulldog can really leave you laughing from how avidly he objects! I know I was falling over laughing at how cute and hilarious this young pup was, thinking he knew best!

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