Precious Canine Companions Give Each Other Hugs

Even though we can’t read their minds or understand what their barks mean, dogs can speak to us through a series of actions. Whether they sit by their bowl when they’re hungry or Fido whines by the door when it’s time for the potty, canines are nothing short of intelligent.

As humans, we show our loved ones how much they mean to us in a variety of ways, including a warm embrace. Two adorable pups find that a good hug is a great way to show each other how much they mean to one another.

It’s hard not to smile from ear-to-ear as the little dog stands on his hind legs to embrace his chocolate lab friend. The owner of one of the dogs instantly yells out, “They’re hugging.” Just after that, the chocolate lab wraps front paws around the smaller pup.

There aren’t many things a good, long hug can fix. It’s clear these canines are buddies that can’t get enough of each other. We hope their owners continue to share their precious videos with us. It inevitably brings a big ol’ smile to our faces.