Precious Cat Has the Most Amazing Talent! Taking Walking on Water to A New Level of Precious.

Not everyone can be an innovator. Sometimes the best tricks have already been done before. I believe it was Jesus who walked on water first. Even if some magician was second, I think this cat gets a thumb up for ingenuity and precious masterminding his goal.

I’d always heard that cats were afraid of water. The popular taunt “scaredy cat” I heard for the first time in my life because of the high dive. With such a drastic fear of heights I couldn’t jump. I later heard a rumor that cats lose all their body temperature when they are soaking wet. So maybe not a fear, just something some cats avoid.

Still, I know for a fact I can’t walk on water unless there’s floor right underneath it. When I first saw his amazing trick, I couldn’t help but laugh. It was such a silly concept for a cat to be able to walk on water. However, probably would be a good basis for a super hero cat’s special move. With the assistance of this well-known cat’s, dog friend, it appears anything were possible. They both seemed adequately prepared to take on the world. Their body language showed a confidence I hadn’t seen before.

They did many tricks before this and have an amazing series of moments online. I’ve gotten deep in, I’ll admit it. Yet, this simple trick he uses I would’ve never thought to do. I guess two of the old sayings are true. “Two heads are always better than one,” and “cats are afraid of water.”

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