Precious Chimp Gets Rescued After Close Call Before Returning to Wild

We, as humans, have nearly everything we need right at our fingertips. The world is quite different for animals who live in the wild. After a chimp almost died in the wild and was rescued before returning home.

The Republic of Congo is home to a lot of different animals, and there are a plethora of rehabilitation centers for injured animals to heal. Wounda, a sweet chimp, arrived at the Jane Goodall Institute Rehabilitation Center.

This institute is home to over 160 chimps, and Wounda went there to get treated by their incredible doctors. The young chimp was malnourished, weak, injured, and on the brink of death when she arrived.

The professionals were able to nurse her back to health, and eventually, Wounda was ready to return to the wild. She has a giant smile plastered on her face and begins hugging the hardworking friends she made before running off into the jungle.