Precious Dog Abandoned In Cemetery Rescued. Watch Transformation From Homeless To Loved Pet!

Dogs are such precious creatures and being a dog lover, I simply cannot imagine someone abandoning their furry pet. Dogs are so loyal and loving, that when they are abandoned, they will feel very lost as they get attached to their loved ones in their family. When dogs get abandoned, they usually are at a loss on what to do and where to go.

Once they live with a family, they become house pets and find it difficult to adapt to the wild outside on their own. It’s not easy, and finding safe refuge is hard. So, when she is abandoned, this dog starts living in a remote cemetery. I guess its quiet environment with nobody bothering her made it an ideal place for her.

But with no food and loving care, it was clear to see that she needed help. And that’s when the folks at Hope for Paws got a call.  They sprung into action and headed to the cemetery to rescue the poor canine. It took a bit of time and they had to coax her with food to come closer to them before capturing her. After a while, they managed to calm her down and she even let them pet her!

She was taken to the hospital where she received a much needed bath and medical attention. Once she was in the all okay zone, she was then taken to foster at Recue From The Hart where she awaits a loving family to adopt her. Named Angelica, she shows such a huge transformation pre and post rescue that we have to say kudos to the amazing people working at Hope For Paws!

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