Precious Dog Has Meltdown Over Tasty Treat.. So Adorable!

Things could not get any cuter than this! When his human comes towards him, holding a beggin strip in his hand, Tofu the dog goes crazy with anticipation. All dogs go little nuts when they know that food is coming their way, but a beggin strip is an entire level altogether, and not a treat that dogs get often. So when Tofu can smell the delicious scent wafting towards him, she goes a little bonkers. Understandably, but ever so cute.

Watch how her tail wags so hard that I was actually thinking that it would fall off! I love how she goes giddy with joy over the possibility that she would be getting to eat her favorite snack. She is definitely one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen. The wait to getting her food was definitely worth it when you see her gobbling down the beggin strip in seconds. You know food never lasts long with dogs!

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