Precious Golden Retrievers Find The Biggest Surprise In A Backyard Ball Pit. How Adorable!

I remember being a kid and wanting a jump house for my birthday one year. My parents were nice enough to oblige me and we played it in until the company came to get it back, early in the morning. They had to warn us they were deflating it because we simply wouldn’t leave. We even tried saying nothing, hoping they would take us to the factory or storage place where they held the rest of the bounce houses. I realize now that it wasn’t a completely thought out idea, full of flaws, but I was young and never understood how things worked. Allow me to go deeper than that- I still don’t know how things work. I have an idea, opinion, or thoughts of how they do, but I don’t fully know much. However, one thing I do know, is dogs and ball pits equal hilarity.

Laki, Shelly, and Maya are all birthday dogs and the celebration has certainly begun. The parents were nice enough to get the triplet group a ball pit for their birthdays. It’s important for them to really show off how much fun they can have. It seems the answer is endless amounts. I couldn’t imagine the two together, thinking that the balls would be the number one focus of most dogs, rather than jumping about making a huge contained mess full of hilarity. Boy, was I ever surprised when I realized that this is the ideal birthday environment for retrievers. I’m surprised the entire ball pit wasn’t taken out ball by ball and given to mom and dad.

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