Precious Hound Dances The Most Entrancing Merengue I’ve Ever Laid Eyes On. So Hypnotizing!

It can be hard to keep up with the rhythm you hear from any dance. If it’s a slow dance, then watch out feet, for there are inexperienced people everywhere. Yet, with enough practice and discipline, you can be a rather competent dancer. I still remember the first dance I learned. It was the fox trot from a very pretty relative. I was rather young, but I was nervous. When I made myself look like a fool, at least it was on my own terms. I was sweating quite a bit, as the kind and attractive relative lead me through the simple four point steps to the fox trot. I had trouble keeping up, but she was kind and patient. It seems as though to this day, I still remember the fox trot and try to teach it to people who say they can’t dance. Usually this isn’t met with happy smiles and enthusiastic “Finally!” Yet, it can be a real rite of passage to learn how to dance.

When it comes to the hypnotizingly quick movements from one pooch, we can glean some of the most amazing information from this furry friends hip movements. I know it may seem like an over exaggeration, but the pace this pooch keeps up with, is really something of magnificence and glory. I know I couldn’t stop laughing to boot! When you watch the hypnotizing movements of this pooch, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

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