These Precious Hounds Will Leave You “Inu” Trance! Their Story? I Never Knew THIS!

Not many breeds can match a Shiba Inu. The history behind Shina Iba is something out of a folk tale. The attitude that Shiba’s exhibit vary not only in variety but also complexity. The pitches and personality will leave you speechless and in love. There’s something to be said for those breeds capable of not only understanding, but also interacting at a very human level. If you were between which kind of a best furry friend should accompany you, maybe take a second look at what Shiba Inu’s must offer.

Personality goes a long way and Shiba’s are infamous for their personalities, though, the “superior” attitude most Shiba’s adopt isn’t without it’s reason. A look back, far into the past show Shiba Inu’s DNA being the oldest and closest known match to the DNA of wolves. This alone should explain much of a Shiba’s attitude. Though each is different, their ancestry is a common ground they all share. Some may note an extreme politeness, while others are bullied in to cooperation.

Whether polite or obnoxious, another universal trait all Shibas share would be pitch and tone. Whether barking in a dominant fashion or being courteously quieter, some sounds aren’t rehearsed, they are reactionary. Even involuntarily at times, when the gut reaction is to whine, not a lot can do so much like a Shiba. From guttural to almost klaxon-like pitches and tones, the Shiba can be heard near and far.

I know, I know, every dog has some characteristics that seem too human. However, the Shiba has some wizard type-magic that allows them to consistently seem all too human. Some note that if you aren’t quick to please or adhere to the requests of the noble Japanese dog, they will have a few barks and scoffs ready and rolling. Moreover, they seem to get a bit confrontational if their demands are not met, post-haste!

I would love to have a Shiba, they seem to really stand out. What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you! Like, share, and leave us a comment in the comment section below. We appreciate you!

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