Precious Husky enjoys play time with an unlikely friend. Little lamb makes darling friend.

It isn’t always easy to make friends. It can be a long and arduous process for some, as they go from place to place experiencing different types of people or friends. It can be important to take solace in the fact that some people or animals are different. When you accept the differences, and focus on ways that you can play together it can be quite the enriching experience. Regardless of what species you are, if you can make friends with someone and it won’t end in hurt, then I say go for it. Sometimes, what you gain can be even more than you first put in.

When it comes to a precious Husky, he may not always have a slew of friends, but he definitely has one friend who seems to play well with him. The resulting interaction between Hice the Husky and his darling friend a little lamb will leave you overwhelmed with emotions. When I first saw, the pair getting along together, side by side, I thought the way they played might end badly. Just because the way dogs play with pups can sometimes be a little too rough for the little guys. There’s a lot of throat grabbing, but most times, dogs are conscious of how hard they may nip at a new friend who is willing to play. I know when I first saw the pair, I was overwhelmed with a sense of wonder and amazement.

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