Precious Husky Has Quite A Lot To Say. When He Says “Banana” Like A Minion? OMG!

We all have animals or friends who have quite a talkative streak in them. From close friends, to family members, all the way to our furred babies. They have quite a lot to say! Trying to make sense of the world and share experiences, getting where they are coming from stated so they can reach understanding. Every but of communication comes from this idea.

Although, communication and language isn’t always so serious. Sometimes it can be quite hilarious. When we look at the case of one adorable husky trying to get his point across. He makes quite a ruckus as mama holds him close. He seems to struggle a bit, trying to play with the other husky close by. Yet, when the husky was left to say what he wanted the result is something of epically hilarious proportions. Don’t take my word on it though, when you witness this great moment for yourself, I’m sure you’ll be laughing out loud.

The sounds he makes can be interpreted lot of things. Many different words could be said to have come out of one husky’s mouth, almost as if he’d seen and loved the film Despicable Me, with Steve Carrol, and loved the one-eyed minions of his. The word “Banana” among other words and thoughts. It was quite an amazing scene as you watch this precious pup make a variety of sounds. But what are some of the words you hear him say? We’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on the subject.

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