Precious Moments In Life Are Made Of These, A Helping Hand, A Friendship For Life!

All animals and creatures on this planet need love. We are all, mostly, social animals, with a few exceptions to the rule. That being said, a dog is supposed to be man’s best friend and they do very well when they are taken care of. Sadly, many canine strays are found in less than reputable places, dog –fights and roam the streets alone, battling various dangers on a daily basis.

He was thirsty, but didn’t know where to go. A woman passing by saw this frightened dog and decided to help it. It did occur to her that the dog may have been thirsty, but there was no puddle nearby nor was the taps accessible to the dog.

That’s when she did something nobody expected. She turned the tap on at the public water source, cupped her hand to contain the water and carried it to the dog that eagerly lapped up the water. She did this numerous times until the dog’s thirst was whetted. She patiently got handfuls of water every time to give to the dog, offering kind words to gain the animal’s trust.

She knew that being a stray, he was probably wary of strangers and used to being abused. She was gentle and managed to coax him to approach her so that he could have his fill of water to soothe his parched throat. Such kindness doesn’t go unrewarded, and the animal thanked her in the only way he knew how – by lifting his paw and giving it to her. This gesture seems so sweet – almost like he thanked her for her help and he was showing his gratitude.

Animals may not be able to speak our language, but their body language and actions show us just how much they value our little acts of kindness. Bless this lady for her kind actions; we need more people like this in the world.

You know she made a difference in the dog’s life just by watching him nuzzle his head into her hands. This video simply warms my heart. Have you done something kind for a stray? We’d love to hear your stories as well and your opinions on this video. Let’s hear it in the comments section!

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