Precious Monkey Likes Bananas, But When You See What This Cutie LOVES? You’ll Be In Tears!

We all have cravings and desires that seem to override our logic or our sense of what we should do vs what we are going to do. I know that I should eat a banana or oatmeal for breakfast, but a doughnut sounds so much better. There aren’t many who don’t at least have a cheat day in the regiment, so they can enjoy life just a little bit. Just enjoying a tiny little reward, just a quick visit or trip to an escape from their strict diet and regiment.

Sometimes, this can lead to an unfortunate binging, other times you can keep those impulses in check. Food is a powerful thing, we not only need it to survive, we want to enjoy the taste of it as it goes down. Make it more palatable, to create unique fusions and mixes of flavors that seem to blend endlessly together leaving us in utter bliss. It can be something of necessity or extreme passion and every has different feelings towards food. I know that I dig cooking, but I don’t think I’m too terribly good at it.

I know that most monkeys like banana’s, unless that’s actually a stereotype I’m unaware of, but when you see what this tiny little Cappuchin monkey goes bananas for, I’m sure you’ll be laughing your butt of hysterically. I know I couldn’t help but enjoy how avidly and excited the little guy was when he got a rare and slightly weird treat for a monkey to enjoy.

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