This Precious Parrot Is Showering, But When You See What He Does There, You Won’t Stop Laughing

More people than ever are getting on board with having pets. They provide companionship and even improve people’s quality of life. Most people think only dogs and cats can provide unconditional love and friendship, but birds are proving they can too, and you can witness this in the video below of a very talented pet.

After a hard day at work most people just want to get home and relax, and having someone to greet you when you get home can make home a very special place. Parrots are becoming more and more popular because their unique ability to repeat what they hear, which can make these birds seem quite conversational. They’re very intelligent and learn quickly, and more often than not their repetition can lead to some hilarious moments. This bird is obviously repeating one of his favorite songs and it is a very amusing performance.

This video shows Caique, a white-bellied breed of parrot named Oliver. He’s pretty cute and quite smart. His owner says that he is like a human because he loves to sing in the shower! He doesn’t actually take a shower, he just loves to sing in one. You shouldn’t miss this talented parrot’s melodious voice. It will amuse you and touch your heart.  This particular breed of parrot is primarily found in several parts of South America in the Amazon Basin. Not only are they beautiful, they are talented singers as well!

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