Precious prayer of love! A two-year old’s amazing confession to god will warm your heart!

Religion, faith, and whatever deity you subscribe to- it’s not as controversial to a child. Today there are so many different studies from a variety of sources, disputing or claiming something happened differently. Yet, as most, little Sutton learned about God and grew up with the idea of him in her thoughts and prayers.

One night, after a long tuck-in time ago, Sutton’s parents were surprised by the baby monitor’s sudden jump in noise. They listened closely to the monitor and what they heard, tugged at their heart strings. After she had been tucked in but one hour prior, she awoke again. This time, for a more personal reason. She wanted to do her own prayers to God.

An individual relationship is quite crucial and can have more value than gold to some. Kathryn and Caleb, Sutton’s proud parents, listened closely (and a bit rudely if you asked me, that was private moment) to their precious angel’s heartfelt plea. Unlike most children, who are motivated be toys, snacks, and material things, Sutton set herself apart by being just as the Good Book says, selfless and kind to all.

She prayed for her family- her mother and father, touching such an innocent level of hope and joy for them. Her grandmother, basking in all the love she had to give. Her friends to be happy and enjoy themselves. The list could go on. The toddler really throws it all out there, thanking him for her experience and the beauty around her. Her final lengthy moment of sharing? It was beyond adorable.

What did you think? I thought that Sutton is one of the most selfless and kind two-year old’s I’d ever had the experience of seeing and hearing. We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a like for us on Facebook, share this video with a friend or family member, and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. We Appreciate You!