Precious puppies run over to dad. How older German Shepherd responds to the pups? The cutest!

You can never go wrong with puppies. No matter how hard you try it seems to be almost like kryptonite for the heart. A precious puppies face, their adorable little tails wagging, tongue hanging half-out of their mouth. It’s just too much! The way puppies play doesn’t tend to differ too much from how they play when they are adults. Maybe a bit more stability, a bit more speed, and a bit more weight on them, other than that, pretty much the same. Of course, that’s if you don’t take the love you give them to help them grow into account.
When you watch, this lucky dad come face to face with a puppy platoon, aimed at taking down the biggest dad around, you will laugh, while still admiring how awestruck you are. You’ve seen dogs before, of course. If you haven’t save this video for later, because it’s pretty high up there on a list of precious puppy exploits. The father, while outnumbered, doesn’t fear. His size gives him the confidence necessary to fight back. The only difference is the ammunition he’s using. He’s fighting back with love and an adventurous, playful spirit.

A great demeanor for a dad to have. I was curious when I first saw the dad paws together, head in legs, tail wagging in the air. His tail seems timed, as if he were mimicking a metronome. He’s ready for them, ready to smother all the tykes with love. When I first saw his antics, I was baffled by how many puppies there were! After the first one I was excited. After the second I was thrilled, but one after another they kept coming! When you see the number of puppies this dad must face, you’ll wish you were him!

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