Precious Puppy Becomes Peacemaker, Interrupts Tense Showdown

Games have been a great source of not only bonding but also division. Depending on the game and the intensity level of the other players. When it comes to family based games, a lot of the times it’s all in good fun, until the one player who must dominate and let you know it, shows off his or her true colors. Sometimes we are lucky enough to not have to deal with this overly intense and overly competitive player. It can be something of great joy when everyone is content playing competitively but doesn’t need to hold a win over your head to the point that you feel bad.

Although, there are also times when a new player enters the game without permission and wrecks it all to heck. Sometimes It’s not their fault. Sometimes they just must get in on the action and can’t wait. They may not want to learn all the rules or get involved with the constraints of a “piece” to signify where they are on the board. Sometimes you just want a hilariously fun game that isn’t complicated at all, it simply must do with endurance and speed. If you find yourself in that sort of mood and situation, you could always try Hasbro’s Pie Face Showdown. Which is exactly what we see in this hilarious story. A boy and girl are playing against each other with a great amount of intensity. They are neck and neck, they are trying their hardest to end the tie. Yet, that’s when our third and furriest player enters the arena.

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