Precious Service Dog Puppies Take Exciting Plane Ride to Forever Homes

Canine Companions for Independence is a wonderful organization that breeds and tirelessly trains both labrador and golden retriever puppies. After the precious pups are thoroughly trained, they’re sent to children, adults, and veterans with disabilities.

Twelve adorable eight-week-old puppies were sent across the country when it came time to get trained by Canine Companions. Due to current laws, they were no longer able to use the means they usually can due to transport the canines.

Thanks to the help of selfless pilots who have a soft spot for puppies and those in need, they stepped up by volunteering to bring them from point A to point B on private planes. It looks like these little cuties are flying first class.

It’s a heartwarming moment to know how many people work behind the scenes to get these dogs ready for their owners. Assistance dogs are trained in a variety of exceptional skills and talents, and we hope they bring their new homes, never-ending joy.